About Afritrade

African ResourcesAfrica is a large continent with multitude of cultures and customs. While it is full of potential and rich in resources, few have been able to unlock it because of the disparities in culture, custom and environmental understanding.

Afritrade Ltd as an independent, neutral and collaborative platform steps in exactly to solve such disparities and build a long lasting collaboration between buyers and suppliers to unlock this potential and valorise the wealth of the continent, through elaborate and appropriate activities befitting the circumstance.

We are an import-export trade broker facilitating trade between organisations aiming to export and import within the African regions.

Our aim is to provide an integrated supplier management and supply chain solution to help companies reduce costs associated with the risks of trading in unfamiliar foreign markets and save considerable time spent on procurement activities.

Our approach to business will guarantee an added value to your activities, increase visibility to your supply chain and facilitate access to new business opportunities.

Our Customer Base

Our business activities are primarily based on cooperation and collaboration. We constantly strive to create communities of suppliers and buyers across the globe, allowing both parties to share best practice, increase their market share through expansion and bring about solutions for future development in their respective communities.