How It Works

Buyer Benefits

Afritrade’s supplier database, experience and expertise of the region, provides a multitude of solutions and a range of benefits to your organisation’s procurement needs.

  • Container_vesselRegional Approach to Supply Base: Afritrade’s database will provide a single access point to the suppliers thriving within the region, making your procurement activities effortless and seamless, with suppliers covering an array of industries and sectors within the region.
  • Cost Efficient and Effective Procurement: Afritrade aims to reduce procurement costs and increase the efficiency of the whole process, through the creation of a supplier database built after following strict criteria for supplier pre-selection. Access to such high quality intel on suppliers will greatly simplify the decision-making process, reduce supplier sourcing, search, default risk, data maintenance and improve the supply chain efficiency as a whole.
  • Reducing Risk: Afritrade reinforces its belief in ethical and fair dealing by complying and making sure its suppliers and buyers all comply with strict legislative and corporate standards. Periodic and thorough assessment of our suppliers’ capabilities, financial, legal and quality level are undertaken in an attempt to minimizing the risks for our buyers.

With access to such information relevant for trade within the region, our buyers will be able to improve their existing relationships and form new ones as well as sharing best practice and raising their standards within the industry.

Supplier Benefits

  • Market Penetration: Our experience in the West African market will provide you with a good platform to make your product or service adaptable to this region in order to secure potential new business. As a supplier and our client your products and services will be advertised for potential buyers of the region on top of providing you specific intelligence for packaging and modelling your product and service in a relevant way for the market.
  • Business Improvement: Aside from increasing your visibility to potential buyers of the region, opening new market and creating potential for new sources of revenues, other components of our services will include the provision of feedback as a drive and demonstration of our commitment for a continuous improvement to set you apart from others within the region.