Afritrade offers a range of services as solution for your supply chain with a goal in mind of reducing your costs and minimizing your risks across functions, sectors and geographies. Below are some of our services representing the core of our activities:

Supplier Identification and Management

Utting it TogetherAfritrade’s supplier identification and management utilises our cumulative database and collaborative circle of subscribers and suppliers to deliver a range of benefits to our buyers.

We understand that for our solutions to be efficient and effective we need accurate information, a thorough assessment of your needs and particular attention to your problems. We spare no efforts in the process through our internal capabilities, experience and accumulated database and our use of online qualification, validated third party data fees and accredited auditors to assess suppliers capabilities and ensure compliance at all levels of the chain to industry standards.

Moreover we aim to save our buyers time while ensuring quality decision-making by gathering, assembling, corroborating, testifying, validating and maintaining relevant region and sector specific information on key suppliers within different industries. Our selection criteria is founded on general requirement of the particular industry the buyer operates in and includes and not limited to:

  • Suppliers organisational information
  • Financial information and capabilities
  • Information on its legal framework
  • Quality level
  • Environmental impact and effort
  • Products and services specification and details
  • Ethics and social responsibility

Purchasing, Contracting and Consultation

PurchasingAt Afritrade, we will help you with your procurement activities by providing you a list of selected suppliers based on strict criteria and after thorough assessment for your purchasing needs. Afritrade will help you by assessing the risks present within your purchasing activities and provide adequate solutions to reduce such risk and smoothen your purchasing and contracting activities.

Afritrade will be happy to consult with you in regards to your procurement activities and advise on the best course of actions as well as provide advice on your bulk purchases or draw up a strategy for your just in time needs. As part of this service we will provide you with a complete map of your procurement activities along side the potential risks to your supply chain by assessing, checking and validating information on your current suppliers as well as providing you with potential alternatives to improve your procurement activities.

Furthermore, Afritrade will provide its customers with buyer-specific information to help you assess and manage against risks.

Audit and Assessment

AuditingThis service will help you understand, verify and confirm your suppliers’ competencies and abilities. Afritrade will undertake a check on your suppliers’ capabilities and validate any evidence regarding their competence and compliance against approved criterions. Audits are undertaken as part of our commitment to always provide the best of services to our buyers and maintain an industry standard and further cement the existing mutual beneficial relationship existing between our buyers and suppliers.

All our solutions include and will make use of our audit and assessment tools to validate and scrutinise with the highest level of criteria in mind (risks, business ethics and criticality) appropriate suppliers for your business.

Afritrade believes that solutions such as our audit and assessment services will drive efficiency and reduce the risk to your business as well as provide your procurement activities with:

  • An efficient approach to identify, evaluate and monitor suppliers by providing you with a risk model.
  • The provision of accurate and up-to-date information on supplier standards and compliance.
  • The provision of an accurate and reliable visibility of risks across your supply base.
  • The minimization of your exposure to suppliers’ failures and non-compliance.
  • The efficient collection, analysis and sharing of supplier information.